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Vehicle Reversing Monitoring Mobile DVR Camera Installation Guide

Date:2022-09-20 14:01:54

Vehicle Reversing Monitoring Mobile DVR Camera Installation Guide(图1)720P AHD Rear Camera Surveillance Car Recorder Vehicle Reversing Monitoring Mobile DVR Camera Installation Guide

  Regardless of bus,large truck and dangerous transport vehicle, because of the long distance between the head and tail of the vehicle structure, there are many blind areas when reversing.So many large vehicles are installed reversing camera, through the monitor in the cab to see the real-time road conditions behind the car, can avoid the occurrence of unnecessary accidents.Shenzhen Sodimax Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and manufacturer of vehicle monitoring products.We have all kinds of solutions for the vehicles.We mainly provides SD Card Mobile DVR,HDD MDVR,Bus People Counter and Passenger Counter.With HD electronic rearview mirror system,HD multi-screens display system,vehicle radar system,ADAS system,fatigue driving alarm system,advanced driving assistance system and digital wireless transmission system in China.

Vehicle Reversing Monitoring Mobile DVR Camera

  Common transportation companies, large logistics groups or some passenger transport enterprises will have a professional team in charge of the installation of cameras. But some customers who only purchase a few vehicles and equipment generally need to install their own. For this purpose, we Sodimax specialize in providing some basic professional installation instructions to customers who need them.

  1. Remove the power supply cable of the vehicle battery and place it far away from the electrode to prevent accidental connection of the power supply.

  2. Location of the rear camera: buses and passenger transport vehicles are usually installed on the top of the rear (and equipped with a cover protection), while large trucks or dangerous goods transport vehicles are usually installed under the rear (near the bumper).The camera is usually equipped with a bracket to facilitate Angle adjustment, wire through the gap into the car, respectively with the vehicle power supply, video extension cable connected;

  3. The other end of the video extension cable should be connected to the AV input of the vehicle monitor.

  4. Restore the power supply of the vehicle battery, start the vehicle, put the reverse gear to test the effect, and pay attention to whether the real-time image of the rear of the vehicle is clearly displayed on the monitor.

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