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How to install a car monitoring system

Date:2023-11-10 16:27:25

Vehicle-mounted monitoring system installation mainly contains: vehicle-mounted video terminals, cameras and pickup installation, cable laying, wiring four parts.

A vehicle-mounted video terminal installation.

1, vehicle-mounted video terminal installation must be firmly fixed.

2, in order to extend the life of the equipment, please install the equipment as far as possible in the vehicle vibration of the weaker parts, such as the driver's seat behind or in front of the vehicle, pay attention to the installation position can not affect the normal operation of the driver.

3, the equipment should be installed in the vehicle ventilation parts: installed in the plane of the equipment should be kept at a certain distance from other objects, in order to facilitate air circulation and heat dissipation; can not be installed in a closed space (such as vehicle toolbox). Can not affect the heat dissipation of the equipment.

4, the device's external wires to have enough spacing and protection to ensure that the wire is not bent or due to vibration wear and leakage.

5, to ensure that the equipment is away from the heat source on the vehicle.

6, the equipment is installed horizontally, any other angle of the installation will damage the equipment.

7, select the installation location to consider the size of the space pulled out of the hard disc case.

 the camera, pickup installation

1, the camera, pickup installation according to the customer's monitoring focus to determine.

2, the camera installation location selection principles.

3, covering the required monitoring scene

4, the camera is easy to install, fixed

5、Camera wiring is convenient

6, the camera is not easy to be covered, damage

7, consider the camera will be backlighting and other environmental impacts

cable laying

Vehicle monitoring system wiring is very important, whether the wiring is standardised will be directly related to the reliability and stability of the system's operation, before construction, pay attention to the following.

1, the cable should be wrapped into the protective hose pipe. Installation of cables should be consistent with the original cable direction, along the original vehicle cable groove installation wiring.

2, and the original vehicle cable tie fixed, so that the wiring is neat, hidden, to prevent the driver and passengers touch off.

3, host power cord: host power cord should be pulled directly to the vehicle battery, and can not pass through any switch.

4, wire type: wire diameter greater than 1.0 square millimetres of three-core power cord. (Wiring should be staggered to avoid short-circuit) line length according to the model, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power supply must be unified, the ACC signal line and the vehicle's key to connect the fire, video and audio lines must be

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