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4G Wifi Video Flowing Door Trigger Sensor Bus Passenger Counter
(Model:VPC 5)
4G Wifi Video Flowing Door Trigger Sensor Bus Passenger Counter

4CH AHD Live Video Streaming Monitor High Accuracy People Counting Device 

  A people counter is an electronic device that is used to measure the number of people traversing a certain passage or entrance. Examples include simple manual clickers, smart-flooring technologies, infrared beams, thermal imaging systems, WiFi trackers and video counters using advanced machine learning algorithms. They are commonly used by public bus or retail establishments to judge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, building design and layout, and the popularity of particular brands.

  People counting is an important part of bus management for a bus company.As it helps determine the number of passenger in a bus every line every day.Having a people counter video camer (passenger counter or door counter,as some call it) installed makes it possible for the company to obtain valuable data on passengers — Which in terms helps the bus fleet management.To decide how many buses will be use everyday,the most reasonable departure timing and frequency of departures better!

4CH AHD Live Video Streaming Monitor People Counting

  Shenzhen Sodimax Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D,production and sales of vehicle video surveillance and bus passenger flow statistics system.We produce the first PC 3G mobile DVR in 2010,and put on the maket with extensive attention.Then we successfully launched binocular bus video passenger counter in 2014.With the accuracy over 95%,which reached the world’s leading level.

  We are specializing in R&D ,production,sales of vehicle video monitoring system,3G/4G/GPS monitoring kits, intellectual bus dispatcher`s monitoring system ,video streaming people counter. Our products refers to SD/ HDD mobile DVR,3G or 4G remote control monitoring dvr,vehicle multi-media Ads function,Car camera,Supporting PTZ control realized by local ad client software.They are widely used in all kinds of vehicle,Such as:Bus passengers counting,logistics vehicle,law enforcement cars,the ambulance and so on.

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