The future development trend of mobile monitoring equipment

Public transportation is vulnerable to threats and attacks. Governments around the world are investing more in transportation safety, which in turn increases demand for mobile surveillance solutions. According to research, the mobile video surveillance market will be US$1.55 billion by 2015, at a CAGR of 13.7 percent over 2008 to 2015. The potential lies in not only tightened security for drivers and passengers, but also huge gains in operational efficiency for fleet managers.

Market Demand
Mobile DVR is an important device within the vehicles. According to the ranking of bus and taxi in some principal cities of 2011 in China, the total amount of the public vehicles in the front 27 cities reaches 174,559. Apparently, there is a large demand for the mobile DVR.
From the year of 2011, the Chinese government has released a series of policies which indicated great concern for the public security, which will definitely boost the mobile surveillance market.
With the increasing living standard and ever complex social environment, mobile surveillance gradually come into view and become a necessity. It will replace the manual work and enhance the surveillance efficiency and the investment will thus keep growing.
Generally, the law enforcement cars require the most rapid and effective tracking and recording while the transport vehicle concentrates on the interior room with easier application environment. Mobile DVR will meet a huge market where the applications see possibilities in logistics and financial convoy.
“Customers may have very personalized demand sometimes, manufacturers need to face the contradiction between mass production and customized service,” said Joe Qiu, Overseas Business Director of TVT. “Nearly all the relevant laws and regulations demand the mature technical solutions, which can be realized with controllable cost.”
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