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Freezer Truck Security Monitoring Solution

Date:2022-06-17 13:42:54

Freezer Truck Security Monitoring Solution Refrigerated truck vehicle Managemnet

1. Real-time Video& GPS monitoring,Users can query vehicle position, speed, status, etc.

2. Monitoring the temperature. Installing the temeperature sensor, monitoring the temperature status of the vehicle. With the use of alarm linkage, when

temperature change sharply, the alarm is automatically triggered and sent to the monitoring center. The management personnel promptly handle the temperature.

3.Electronic fence, To help realize standardized management of the line and driving area . When the vehicle deviates from the driving line or areas,alarms will be sent to the center.

4. Emergency alarm. When urgent incidents occur, drivers can actively trigger an alarm to request support from the center and install an alarm device on the vehicle to warn vehicles and people around the vehicle to reduce casualties and economic losses.

5. Parking timeout alarm,  The center monitors the ignition status, parking place and parking time of the vehicles, Alert is sent to center when overtime.

Refrigerated truck vehicle Managemnet

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