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4CH AHD 1080P Camera RS232 ADAS Intelligent Mobile DVR

Date:2022-10-31 17:19:00

3G/4G Wifi GPS SOS Fatigue Anti Driver Safety System HDD MDVR 4CH AHD 1080P Camera RS232 ADAS Smart Mobile DVR

What is ADAS:

  ADAS is an Advanced Driving Assistant System. It uses a variety of sensors installed in the car to collect environmental data inside and outside the vehicle at the first time, and perform technical processing such as identification and detection of static and dynamic objects, so that the driver can Quickly detect the dangers that may occur, to attract attention and improve safety with active safety techniques. The sensors used in ADAS mainly include cameras, radar, lasers and ultrasonics. They can detect light, heat, pressure or other variables used to monitor the state of the car. 

Driver Safety Vehicle ADAS System

  They are usually located in the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, inside the steering column or in the wind. On the glass. Early ADAS technologies focused on passive alarms. When the vehicle detected a potential hazard, an alarm was issued to alert the driver to an abnormal vehicle or road condition. Proactive interventions are also common for the latest ADAS technologies.

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