• SDM-609
  • SDM-609


This model of mobile DVR is designed espcially for the high end reconnaissance and surveillance system.Adopting high speed procossing and SOC technology, Combining lately IT technologies ,like audio video encoding technology/encoding technology/seismic mitigation and isolation technology、large capacity storage technology、streaming technology、wide voltage technology,it’s admired by our customers for the simplified design,essy_installation and powerful funcations.

  • Description
  • Application
■Use latest H.264 compression format,Dual steam output
■Use G.726 audio compression format,4 audio input,1 audio output
■Power on /off signal connector, 6 alarm in,1 alarm out
■Record types: Always / Schedule / Alarm recording / Motion detection recording
■Live recording,sigle large image /multi-image options,support different video format
■Provides backup power up to 5 seconds when the outside power fails,which is long enough for MDVR to shut down gracefully so that no data is lost.
■Power Supply input is 8~36V,which is suitable for different types of vehicles;power supply output is 5V/0.5A、12V/2A
■25 seconds quick start-up.Key can be used to power on/off the machine,support scheduled machine start-up
■Support different types of video formats;use ASF format; 1-4 ch optional Sync Playback
■Storage Capacity:1 2.5″hard disk+ 32GB SD card.Support dual steam input.When harddisk is damaged,SD card can work independently
■Support GPS travel tracking,this model of MDVR added G-sensor Accelerometer to enhance time calibration function
■Remote full access via client software
■3G wireless data transfer

Police / Law enforcement vehicle / Ambulance / Fire vehicle / Emergency command vehicle
Shorten Public Security Organs’response spead and offer easy management system to enhancing their working efficiency Offering powerful first hand proof Improving the Impartial Law Enforcement Ability of Public Security Organs while protecting the in terests of the police Easing up the management and surveillance of the police command center Realizing civilized law enforcement and judicial transparency.
Financial Escort vehicle / Military material escort vehicle / Prisoner escort vehicle
Easing up the management and surveillance of the control center Keep track of transport routes and realize on-time vehicle management
Maintain real-time communication with drivers and salesclerks,enhancing vehicle scheduling and emergency management
Bus/ coach/intercity fast bus/ tourism coach /School Bus/Company rented bus
Easing up the management and surveillance of the vehicle,preventing the driver from over speed driven/overload or doing anything illegal
Offering powerful proof of any illegal driving Maintain real-time communication with drivers and salesclerks,enhancing vehicle scheduling an的emergency management.Offering better services to customers to enhance customer satisfaction
Oil tank truck / Chemical liquid or gas tank truck / Excavator / Dumper / Environmental hygiene vehicle
Realizing full-time surveillance in order to make sure that driver is working strictly according to SOP;preventing any potential dangers, artificial destruction, theft cases Offering powerful proof and minimize losses


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